Linksys Router Login

How to login Linksys Router?

Below you can find the Linksys router login information and instructions to help you login your Linksys router, allowing you to reach the settings page where you can setup your Linksys router, change the password of your WIFI network and other settings such as SSID, LAN, and WAN Settings.

Before you can start the Linksys router login process, you need to have the following:

1) A Linksys Router
2) A PC/Laptop/Mobile/Tablet connected to the Linksys WIFI network.

IP Address: or
Username: Admin
Password: Admin

Watch the video below and follow these 2 steps:

Step 1: Open a web browser and type into the address bar. This is the default IP of the router.

Step 2: Type the username and password in the login page. The default username and password for Linksys Router login is admin in lowercase.

The Linksys router’s login password is used to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the web-based setup page of your Linksys router and changing any of its settings.

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Linksys Router Login

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